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Vancouver Limousine Birthday Party

Want a unique idea for a themed birthday party? Throw a limousine birthday party! Many people run out of ideas for their friends birthdays, and hiring a limousine can add excitement and adventure to someone’s day. Not only is it very affordable for large groups, but it also makes keeping everyone organized simple. We can pick you and the birthday person up from their location of choice, such as their school, place of work, home, hotel and more. We can also pick up the guests from their locations ahead of time, for an extra surprise.

You can bring or request your own favorite music for the ride, while we drive you to your location(s) of choice. We can even pick you up and drop you off to numerous locations throughout the day. Here are some of our recommended birthday location ideas for your next trip:


Restaurants are great places to go for a birthday for people of all ages. Whether you’d like a quiet dinner with your closest friends and/or family, or a big night out at your favorite spot, restaurants are the perfect atmosphere for a limousine birthday party.


Having a night out with your friends and going to numerous bars is great for celebrating milestone birthdays. We can transport you out all night to numerous bars, pubs, and clubs, and make your night extra special. We go the extra mile to make sure you have a great birthday at the places you love, on time.

At Home

What could be better than having a get-together at your home, or the home of your friends? A birthday party at home is great for those people who love a relaxing birthday. Let us take the birthday person from their work or school around in a limousine for awhile, and drop them off at home where their friends and family are waiting. Great for all ages.

Ready to book a birthday limousine? Our professional chauffeurs and customer service specialists are ready to help, so get started today!

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Want a unique idea for a themed birthday party? Throw a limousine birthday party!

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