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Cruise Ship Transfers

Nothing beats starting a vacation off in the right foot, this is why we especially suggest that you book our service to get you to and from the Cruise Ship Port. Our company is licensed to take you right to the Cruise Ship. Our chauffeurs have cleared background checks and have clearance from the Port of Vancouver to drop off passengers where the general public has no access to.

We will drop off a step away from luggage check in, you have started your vacation the moment you left your home, so why hassle with hauling your luggage around a busy Cruise Ship Port?

When you return after your voyage, we will be waiting to transport you safely to your to complete your journey with a cherry on top. When you exit the Cruise Ship, you will be guided to the commercial vehicle pick up area, there will be a phone to call the holding area where all the Limousines are held for passenger pick up. When we arrive at the holding area we will check in with the a Port of Vancouver worker, who will make note of your name. When you make the call to the holding area, we are given a entry pass to come in to the commercial area to pick you up, which is literally within 5 minutes of your call. Our chauffeur will store your luggage while you relax in our comfortable Limousine and then drive you to your destination.

Cruise Ship Ports that we service:

  • Canada Place Pier
  • Balantyne Pier
  • Seattle Cruise Ship Piers