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Burnaby – The Pearl of the Lower Mainland

Named after the legislator, speaker, Freemason and explorer Robert Burnaby, who had been private secretary to Colonel Richard Moody, the first land commissioner for the Colony of British Columbia, in the mid-19th century. In 1859 Burnaby had surveyed the freshwater lake near what is now the city’s geographical center. Moody chose to name it Burnaby Lake.

In the first 30 to 40 years after its incorporation, the growth of Burnaby was influenced by its location between expanding urban centers of Vancouver and New Westminster. It first served as a rural agricultural area supplying nearby markets. Later, it served as an important transportation corridor between Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and the Interior and continues to do so. As Vancouver expanded and became a metropolis, it was one of the first-tier bedroom community suburbs of Vancouver itself, along with North Vancouver and Richmond. Burnaby has shifted in character over time from rural to suburban to urban.

We speak of the iconic BC beauty, of rolling parks, magical lakes and endless green spaces. We whisper about amazing restaurants worth a half-hour drive, and a little shop tucked away on Hastings Street. We refer to world-renowned education, outdoor activities, shopping, sporting events, historical museums and arts in every corner and café. But we never mention it’s affordable… that would spoil the surprise.

But there are so many surprises. Unexpected promises of natural and urban splendor constantly bring excitement. To hear it from a friend, Burnaby is a must-see, must- discover, must-explore destination. Then when you come here seeking adventure, it’s only the first thing that you find.