Valentine's Day Limo Special

Valentines Day Limo

Don’t want to do the same song and dance this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. The perfect Valentine’s Day starts with a Valentine's Day Limousine rental from Kavanagh Limousine.

While others may think it’s impossible or too expensive, getting Valentine’s Day limo service is actually easier than you think. Our prices are unmatched and our service is something that will have you calling year after year.

Valentine's Day Limo Special includes:

  • 10% off a 3 hour limo rental
  • Transportation to and from the restaurant of your choice
  • 1 hour romantic drive through Stanley Park
  • chocolate covered strawberries

Renting a limo from us means that you take the holiday (and your date) seriously. We reward your trust in us with world-class service, comfort and reliability. Our drivers dedicate themselves to the idea that your night should go as smoothly as possible. That’s why they dress themselves in the finest of suits and greet you and your date with a warm smile. Above all, our staff does their utmost best to ensure your Vancouver Valentine’s Day limo service is nothing short of amazing.

This Valentine’s Day, seal the deal with deluxe Valentine’s Day limo service from Kavanagh. Don’t think of a ride with us as just another car rental. Think of it more as a magical night that consists of you and your date riding around in a vehicle that YOU knew would make the night special. Too many people find Valentine’s Day to be commercialized and unimportant. Lucky for you, you know that getting a Valentine’s Day rental will have your date talking about it for many days…

Guaranteed night of fun and romance with our Valentine’s Day limo special for a night you’ll never forget.

Contact us today to book before it's too late!

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